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Booze and Books: A Cocktail for Fans of Zadie Smith

We've paired books and booze (a heavenly match, in our opinion) to give readers a chance to let loose while enjoying a fantastic read.


9 Necessary Works of Non-Fiction by Black Women

These authors have told stories and reported on conditions that shamefully few have been willing to hear. Here are nine masterworks not to be missed.


8 Books That Celebrate the Way Words Shape Our Lives

In their work, each of the authors on this list examine how language isn’t just a necessity, but a remarkable life sustaining gift.


Zadie Smith on the Essential Services of Independent Bookstores

In "North West London Blues," an essay in Zadie Smith's collection Feel Free, Smith reflects on the incredible importance of independent bookstores.


The Best Books of February 2018: From Zadie Smith to Peter Carey

We at Signature took a look at the most anticipated books of February 2018, from Feel Free by Zadie Smith to A Long Way From Home by Peter Carey.


In an Age of Increased Surveillance, Gnomon Could Be More Fact Than Fiction

Gnomon by Nick Harkaway, when considered in the light of recent history and current events, may seem more fact than fiction.